Is your belly your biggest problem area?

Here's how regular women 'Go from fat to FLAT' without doing 1000 sit-ups per day!

This simple guide will help you sculpt a lean, sexy and flat belly in just 8 weeks.

Go from Fat to Flat in just 8 Weeks

Dear Reader,

Women consistently confess their belly is their biggest problem area and it’s often the toughest fat to lose. 
Maybe you’re not sure what happened or when you let yourself go, but your body exploded into a fat-storing machine. 
Your belly fat turned into a muffin top and your belly fat battle began. 
And no matter what you try, your belly fat just won’t go away. 
All you want is to look and feel good again; to wear your favourite jeans without having to give up your favourite treats for good. 
Does this sound like you? 
Then it’s time for you to re-discover your flat belly with our 25 secrets to a flat belly and our Fab Abs diet and exercise guide.
  Yes! I want to claim back my flat belly!
It’s time to say goodbye to your belly fat for good. 
It’s no secret the best way to a flatter belly is regular exercise and a healthy diet but there’s a right way and a wrong way to get abs
Getting a flat belly isn’t about starving yourself or living in the gym. And there are no quick-fixes. 
Reducing your belly fat involves a mix of smart eating and effective exercise. 
This is why “The go from fat to FLAT is a Complete guide to a flat belly” is your flat belly solution. 
I cover it all from eating smart to training smart and a bonus 25 secrets to keep it off for good.  
In your “Go from Fat to flat in 8 weeks guide” you’ll get:
The truth about your belly fat
Foods that burn belly fat
25 secrets to a flat belly
Flat belly training guide
Fab Abs Diet Plan
With this guide, I guarantee you’ll beat your belly bulge for good in just 8 weeks!

  Yes! I want to claim back my flat belly!
It took a regular girl who wanted to win her fitness show to uncover the answers to banishing the belly bulge for good without any fad diets or quick-fix.
Hi there, my name is Celestie Engelbrecht you can call me “Beastess” like my friends do. In 2012, I decided to give myself a goal to have a flat belly for my first fitness show and for life. 
I figured 8 weeks of dieting and training to get lean and toned for my first fitness show would be enough. After all “How hard can it be?”
The initial results were good when I started my 8 week diet and training plan but my belly fat just didn’t drop as fast as I needed it to. Also I didn’t have time to do millions of crunches and I didn’t want to starve myself. 
So four weeks in, I began to experiment with different eating patterns and training and suddenly I began to see results. Now I know what you’re thinking fat burners, crunches and eating broccoli day in and day out. 
In fact, it was quite the opposite. The plan I created doesn’t include a single sit up, no fat burners or crazy meal plan. 
With this plan I want to show you how I went from fat to flat and came fifth in my first fitness modelling competition. 
Of course, I understand you may have completely different goals to me but we can all agree on one thing and that’s you’re reading this because you want to get a flat belly fast. 
That’s why I’m here to show you how I did it and I don’t expect you to just take my word. I’m prepared to let you try it for 30 Days absolutely risk free.

  Yes! I want to claim back my flat belly!
Now you too can sculpt a lean, sexy and flatter belly in just 8 weeks
To me, your choice is simple…
If you’re unhappy with your belly fat or muffin top 
If you’re dissatisfied with how you look and feel every time you naked or put on your bikini
You’ve tried every diet and training plan promising a flat belly and never got results
If you’re willing to commit 50 minutes a day, three times a week to my programme for the next 8 weeks…
If you’re prepared to start working differently and thinking about yourself as a different type of person…
If you’re willing to accept that you need to change your lifestyle – starting today.
Then I guarantee this guide will work for you.
Your money back guarantee
If for any reason you think the Go from fat to a flat belly in 8 weeks guide isn’t the best R195 you’ve ever spent, just contact me and I’ll gladly give you a 100% refund.
I'll give you a FULL 14 days RISK-FREE to try the Go from fat to a flat belly in 8 weeks guide for only R195.95

  Yes! I want to claim back my flat belly!

Get a flat belly now!
Order for my Go from fat to a flat belly in 8 weeks guide with my Flat belly secrets, diet and training guide right now.
Don’t wait!
Why keep your dream of a lean, sexy, flat belly waiting when it’s so easy to bring it to life?
Celestie Engelbrecht 
Certified Personal trainer, Crossfit Athlete and Go from fat to flat Mentor
PS. If you have any questions about my fat to flat guide, ask me at I’m here to help you every step of the way.


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Go from Fat to Flat in just 8 Weeks

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